RoCkin Catz-Ro'Catz!

RoCkin Catz-Ro'Catz!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Unity Force Crew!

wahahaha skang ku nak introduce crew aku..dlu aku bkn crew nieh..aku tkder crew..dok boring2 aku,khali and farhan pun buat crew nma 3DC..but after for some time..Ku sndiri buat kptsan untuk kuar dr crew nieh..tak tau nape~ smthng tells me that im not suits for this I joined Lightning Crew from Kapit..but the same thing happen..hahaha i got out from the crew again..
Too bad..~

But i got out from that crew with reasons now..coz I was invited by Ho(UFC/SHC),one of the founder of UFC,to join his crew..waaaahhhhhhhhhh!im so excited!hahaha..

And,aku rasa la..aku takkan tinggalkan crew nieh..coz i got friends here who support me by any mean neessary..bez gler crew nieh..nothing can beat this "unity" in my crew..DOPE!hahaha..thinking of UFC mkes me happy~

This crew was founded by Sapik,Ho and Fizul..dlu crew nieh bkn nmernya UFC,but H2O Crew,but for some reasons,h2o dbubarkan and tak lma kmudian kuar la crew bru yg brnma UFC(2010).
"Established on the late summer of 2010. Not Just a Bboying Crew but also a Unity amongst Bboys from Different Religion and Race. The rebirth of the former Bboy Cre " H2O " with new members, new skills, new knowledge and new goals."

The crew member are
-Ho(Bboy Viper)
-Sapik(Bboy Nerdie)
-Pijul(Bboy Fizulique)
-Sim(Bgirl Sim)
-Faiz(Bboy Moon)
-Wan(Bboy Wan)
-Azman(Bboy Dunk-key)..<<<--- not sure bout him yet..i just copied from FB page of UFC..need to ask       sapik and fizul..
-Bgirl Fay
-Izzie(Bboy Trigger)
We are the official family of Feasible Crew/Kuching,Sarawak..

UFC MEMBER taking pic wth Zerohavoc,Black and Sabamon

Unity in Battle

Peace Its Me Trigger!

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  1. wow~ ku bukak google tetemu tok ndah.. hahaha, nice~^^