RoCkin Catz-Ro'Catz!

RoCkin Catz-Ro'Catz!

Monday, 30 May 2011


29th May 2011..Dopest and Illest event happened at The Hills,Kuching,Sarawak..=)..bnyk experience aku dpt dr event nieh..all i can say is..SAPA YANG TAK PEGI EVENT NIEH MEMANG RUGI BESAR..BESAR LAGI DR WORD2 AKU TAIP NIEH..HAHHAHAHAHAHA!

Sumpah la,aku first time masuk event yang owng dr Sabah and Semenanjung participate excited!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

The More You Travel..The More You Gain~

Hurm..have you ever do I improve in what i love to do?iyer la kan...cntoh la kan..hobi kta bboy..kalo pozer len cta how bout we,the one who really loves this bboy culture and one to learn more bout the history?..dlu2 aku train pun kat skolah jer..time aku dlu Shuffle angkat~=.=..i really respect them bla part jer ktaowng nak main kat skul..ader2 jer diaowng hina or maki2 smpai Ckgu2 skul pun fkr bboy ni smer ngan shuffle~=.=..aku salu train ngan budak2 yang bru strt bboy diaowng awal kit dr aku la..huhuhu too bad for me..

But well,aper nak buat kan?tp bla aku train kat skul..mcm ku rsa da bnda yg krang la..aku fkir..dr aku blaja bboying nieh kat skul jer..apa kta aku blaja dari orang2 yang pengalaman?oh..well..then I met my brotha name Naz(SHC),Fizul(H20/UFC) and Banzai(CHMPC)..Banzai ni ajak la aku jmpa Naz and honestly..i learn more from Naz during that time..i really thanks him..huhuhu..takkan ku lupa jasamu..chewaaahhh..hahaha..then Mike Lee(Banzai) bawak la aku prelims untuk boyination 7..dia ckap..wlaupun ku baru..ko msti try battle..supaya ko biasa ngan battle..skali tgk btul gak..smpai skang aku ketagih ngan battle..hahaha..

After quite a while..I seems to make friends wth a lot of people and bboys..they are so fucking friendly!hahaha..But at that time..I dont think Im good enough so I need to improve..aku bnyk gak travel(dlm Kuching jer la kan)..untuk blaja2..pling aku suka pgi mstila Taman Sahabat..hahaha..dah bnyk event ku join but still..aku msh sdar smthng wrong..since then I try to learn the true art of bboying..thanks to certain people especially Clinkz..who made me realise..bboying is not only bout moves!Thank God!May god bless him!haha..

Tapi..ku baru sedar,dlm process aku nak blaja nieh..scara spontan..aku dah travel gak dlm Kuching hanya untuk memplajari bboying nieh..ragged!Tp kalo nak blaja bout true knowledge..a lot of bboy advise to go back to original place..Brooklyn..aduhyai!mana ader duit wei!huhuhuhu..tapi..mungkin tu mnjadi target aku..amin!

Tu la sdar tak sedar..sbnrnya travelling yang buat kta bnyk dpt ilmu..bkn stakat mmbaca dan berlatih..tapi msa yg sma..usaha kta nak blaja tu buat kta travel..tak kra la dlm atau luar negeri..hahaha..we never realised what we have done eh?

I do Agree..Travelling is the best way to learn!sbb kta blh tnya bnyk pndpt dr orang n tiap orang ada keunikan dan stail diaowng trsndri..tak kra la dlm bboying ke atau kerja2..kalo der rezeki..aku nak travel jauh2 untuk mndlmi ilmu bboying and hip hop nieh..wuhoooooooooo!frst time aku travel luar kuching is to Miri(10th-12th June) untuk Floor Approval 2011..seriously i cant wait to  meet other bboys!hell yeah!haha

Peace Its Me Trigger!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Unity Force Crew!

wahahaha skang ku nak introduce crew aku..dlu aku bkn crew nieh..aku tkder crew..dok boring2 aku,khali and farhan pun buat crew nma 3DC..but after for some time..Ku sndiri buat kptsan untuk kuar dr crew nieh..tak tau nape~ smthng tells me that im not suits for this I joined Lightning Crew from Kapit..but the same thing happen..hahaha i got out from the crew again..
Too bad..~

But i got out from that crew with reasons now..coz I was invited by Ho(UFC/SHC),one of the founder of UFC,to join his crew..waaaahhhhhhhhhh!im so excited!hahaha..

And,aku rasa la..aku takkan tinggalkan crew nieh..coz i got friends here who support me by any mean neessary..bez gler crew nieh..nothing can beat this "unity" in my crew..DOPE!hahaha..thinking of UFC mkes me happy~

This crew was founded by Sapik,Ho and Fizul..dlu crew nieh bkn nmernya UFC,but H2O Crew,but for some reasons,h2o dbubarkan and tak lma kmudian kuar la crew bru yg brnma UFC(2010).
"Established on the late summer of 2010. Not Just a Bboying Crew but also a Unity amongst Bboys from Different Religion and Race. The rebirth of the former Bboy Cre " H2O " with new members, new skills, new knowledge and new goals."

The crew member are
-Ho(Bboy Viper)
-Sapik(Bboy Nerdie)
-Pijul(Bboy Fizulique)
-Sim(Bgirl Sim)
-Faiz(Bboy Moon)
-Wan(Bboy Wan)
-Azman(Bboy Dunk-key)..<<<--- not sure bout him yet..i just copied from FB page of UFC..need to ask       sapik and fizul..
-Bgirl Fay
-Izzie(Bboy Trigger)
We are the official family of Feasible Crew/Kuching,Sarawak..

UFC MEMBER taking pic wth Zerohavoc,Black and Sabamon

Unity in Battle

Peace Its Me Trigger!

Confidence on anythng you do n what you have done!

Skang ku dah tgk bnyk2 vids..and i found out that cnfdnce level is really important during battle!and i have read in (Getting Dyzee) in Fb..said that Battle is battle,your cnfdnce level show who have the best mves and skills..!its gangster style babeh!hahaha

Kalo aku battle org luar pun..msti la gegar gak..haha..but by any mean necessary~u have to keep up ur cnfrdnce lvl high!wlaupun dia dope gler..ko kuarkan jer apa yang ko ada..takyah malu2 kucing..

And during training,Kalo la ko bru blaja ckap.."Jangan try,tp buat!"..sbb try dgn buat ada prbzaan ckit..mcm try nieh..ko msh 50:50..ko dpt or tak dpt buat..kalo buat nieh..ko cnfdnce dgn apa yg ko btul2 nak blaja~

Peace Its Me Trigger!

Who Am I?

Well..nothing much to say,but this is for the people who doesnt know me at all..well,Im not good in writing of sorry bout that...but everyboody have to learn and improve rght?

Oh ya,name Izzie,(B-boy Trigger),i have been b-boying bout 3 years..since the end of 2008 actually~huhuhu..actually i cant even call myself a b-oy yet coz i still have a lot to learn..lack of knowledge and skills..but day i will travel to learn the true ar tof bboying..

The most thing i hate is when some people said that b-boying is simple and they act like they know everythng in bboying..and pozers too!they say they love to bboying and etc..but cypher..they do not even dare to comeout..whre is your CONFIDENCE?bboying is all bout Foundations and Confidence ok! us that u are a bboy then

At first i doesnt know y i love bboying..i thought that b-boying is all about dynamics skill..but as the time pass..everything starts to make sense..After Digi Live Tours at Kuching,some people advised me to learn back bout the truth about bboying..and I am..learning back about all bboying and i really wan to learn more about this Hip Hop culture..i really love this Culture..!