RoCkin Catz-Ro'Catz!

RoCkin Catz-Ro'Catz!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Who Am I?

Well..nothing much to say,but this is for the people who doesnt know me at all..well,Im not good in writing of sorry bout that...but everyboody have to learn and improve rght?

Oh ya,name Izzie,(B-boy Trigger),i have been b-boying bout 3 years..since the end of 2008 actually~huhuhu..actually i cant even call myself a b-oy yet coz i still have a lot to learn..lack of knowledge and skills..but day i will travel to learn the true ar tof bboying..

The most thing i hate is when some people said that b-boying is simple and they act like they know everythng in bboying..and pozers too!they say they love to bboying and etc..but cypher..they do not even dare to comeout..whre is your CONFIDENCE?bboying is all bout Foundations and Confidence ok! us that u are a bboy then

At first i doesnt know y i love bboying..i thought that b-boying is all about dynamics skill..but as the time pass..everything starts to make sense..After Digi Live Tours at Kuching,some people advised me to learn back bout the truth about bboying..and I am..learning back about all bboying and i really wan to learn more about this Hip Hop culture..i really love this Culture..!

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