RoCkin Catz-Ro'Catz!

RoCkin Catz-Ro'Catz!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Feels weird nowadays..

I dont know how to say it tho..But this is just my negative thinking..And..Makes me wonder too...Kadang2 plik gak,aku salu ajak orang training..Tp bla time diaowg trainin,seems nobody inviting me?Kinda weird huh?Kecik ati da gak..But oh well..At least I have my own training tho..=)..

Saturday, 3 December 2011

This is the way I live..Izzie Ro"catz TnT

Well..Its a bit of my story tho..Before and after school..Dlu..Well..I do care about fame and fortune..Kinda greedy tho..Even till I got into UITM I am greedy for these particular thing..I even used up my Bboyin skill to attract people's attention...But after the 2nd Sem In Uitm..I messed up a lot of things..Kinda regret but I need to keep move on...What I have learn is to learn on how to have positive way of life,..eventho I cant fix all of it...But smtmes,Trying is Believing..Starts trying,Stop Regretting..You never know what will you have in the future..

So yeah,I learn more about my religion and the culture I live with,Hip-Hop

Thanks for both of it..I kept move on..And  I start to forget about fame and fortune..Those thing are nothing for me..Now all I care are Knowledge,Respect and Attitude..I quit Uitm for some reason and cntnue study on what i love the most..Cooking..Diploma In culinary art at Satt College..i love it..=)

Its not to late to change tho..All you can do is to keep trying..Imagine that your life is an essay..The "fullstop" is your death,and "coma" is just the part where you think about your life,and keep cntnue with it..

Sunday, 27 November 2011

It's been 4 years of Breakin/bboyin

Ro'Catz UFC/DBS 

Its been a while tho..4 years?..i feel like a year..I have more to learn..And I still dont have the chance to travel yet for flight ticket!..I really need to learn more about knowledge of hip Hop and Foundation of Bboyin from all over the world and all i can do now only in FB..I prefer f2f cause I can ask more and learn more...Kuching has less battle comp but more to Showcase comp..I cantdo any showcase no more..maybe sometimes but not everytime..=.=..

Trigger was my bboy name before but now is Ro'Catz..Rockin Catz..Throughout the 4 years of Kuch itself..People hates me and I hate some of them too..=.=..I cant understand why but maybe there's something wrg wth me or them..haha..but nevermind..I have the will to learn more frm people and haters wont stop me !

Monday, 7 November 2011

B-Boyin Management..(Planning,Organising,Leading and Controlling)

Well..its been a while...lmer dah tak post kat blog nieh..Mybe i'm too busy with other things..but hey..i've come out with new idea

Ok...Aku skang ni blaja kat SATT College...Diploma In Culinary Arts..hahaha bakal chef la bboy nieh!XDbut frm what I learn there,ader satu subject yg blh dkait rapat ngan Bboyin..Whch it is call "Business Management",,MGT1013..Shout out to Sir Mu'min..Thanks for teaching..XD

So from what I've learn..Management is cnsist of "Planning,Organising,Leading and Controlling"..Tp cmne nak apply nie kat Bboyin?So cmnie cternye

"Planning" ni biasanya kta buat time awal2 kita nak bboy..Apa goal kta sbgai bboy..Apa dance style kta nak buat..Mcm mna kta nak jd and blaja bboy?Kta fkir awal apa kta nak buat bla nak buat smua bnda nie..Kalo korang bboy2 tp tkder planning..What will happen in the future?You should plan about it first..Cause if we plan..We know what we want to achieve!

But how bout "Organising"?Well..Kalo kta dah plan..kta msti la buat bnda tu..We find the best way to do things right..We train well,We rest well,and we compete well..We organise our schendule of training..Kalo plan krja tak brjalan..takder gna jangan lupa plak organise hal study!ALL MUST BE BALANCE!ORGANISE WELL!

Leading or Motivation,Salunya..kalo der bboyin nie..Msti la ader crew..Jrg ader bboy solo..and dalam stiap crew..msti ader sorang leader..Leader ni bkn stakat men plih jer..He or she must have the attitude of LEADERSHIP!..bkn LEADERSHIT!..hahaha..Cause he or she will be the one who monitor crew bboy's improvement...Having a crew is almost like building a company..just in a diffrnt way dpnds on crew goals..And each one of bboy must motivates themself and the others around them..Leading ni jgak pnting ntuk mengajar bboy2 baru..crtain bboy tkder sense of leading..dmna diaowg tknak ngaja bboy2 lain..and buat bboy baru rsa down..

Last but not Controlling..We monitor our own and the other's improvement..Whereby by controlling..we know what we're lack of and we know how to find a way to fix it..And kta pun control dri kta spaya tetap bboy semampu yang boleh..bkn stakat nak ambik nama nak jaga scene Hip-Hop(Bboy,Mc,Graffiti and Dj)..kalo boleh..Bboy for Life!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Bboy Name..~

Hey waddup2..Its me trigger!..oh wait..I was Trigger..hahaha..Now my name Ro'Catz..change name liao
Kalo hal nma bboy...Dlu nma aku Bboy Easyalways/easy..I found out that name was too long and some bboy already used it..So before Boyination 8..i used the name of Trigger..dkat nak sthun dah ku gna nma nieh..but it seems doesnt represent me..i want to find a name that really suitable for me..
So,ku bncng la ngan crewmates aku Bboy Nerdie...within a days..he come out with a name and some reasons for me to use that name..
When he mention the name "Ro'Catz", its like the name comes from heaven for me....(A..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh~holy sound)..hahahhaa..
Why do I used Ro'CAtz?
-Catz -I love CAtz!
         -Im from CAtz(Kuching,Sarawak)
 -Rockin Catz -Represent Kuching..Love to rockin;
-Ro'Catz- Roket (Fly hgh to achieve smthng impossible) from now on..i will stay wth the nme Ro' MORE TRIGGER!hahaha

Monday, 30 May 2011


29th May 2011..Dopest and Illest event happened at The Hills,Kuching,Sarawak..=)..bnyk experience aku dpt dr event nieh..all i can say is..SAPA YANG TAK PEGI EVENT NIEH MEMANG RUGI BESAR..BESAR LAGI DR WORD2 AKU TAIP NIEH..HAHHAHAHAHAHA!

Sumpah la,aku first time masuk event yang owng dr Sabah and Semenanjung participate excited!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

The More You Travel..The More You Gain~

Hurm..have you ever do I improve in what i love to do?iyer la kan...cntoh la kan..hobi kta bboy..kalo pozer len cta how bout we,the one who really loves this bboy culture and one to learn more bout the history?..dlu2 aku train pun kat skolah jer..time aku dlu Shuffle angkat~=.=..i really respect them bla part jer ktaowng nak main kat skul..ader2 jer diaowng hina or maki2 smpai Ckgu2 skul pun fkr bboy ni smer ngan shuffle~=.=..aku salu train ngan budak2 yang bru strt bboy diaowng awal kit dr aku la..huhuhu too bad for me..

But well,aper nak buat kan?tp bla aku train kat skul..mcm ku rsa da bnda yg krang la..aku fkir..dr aku blaja bboying nieh kat skul jer..apa kta aku blaja dari orang2 yang pengalaman?oh..well..then I met my brotha name Naz(SHC),Fizul(H20/UFC) and Banzai(CHMPC)..Banzai ni ajak la aku jmpa Naz and honestly..i learn more from Naz during that time..i really thanks him..huhuhu..takkan ku lupa jasamu..chewaaahhh..hahaha..then Mike Lee(Banzai) bawak la aku prelims untuk boyination 7..dia ckap..wlaupun ku baru..ko msti try battle..supaya ko biasa ngan battle..skali tgk btul gak..smpai skang aku ketagih ngan battle..hahaha..

After quite a while..I seems to make friends wth a lot of people and bboys..they are so fucking friendly!hahaha..But at that time..I dont think Im good enough so I need to improve..aku bnyk gak travel(dlm Kuching jer la kan)..untuk blaja2..pling aku suka pgi mstila Taman Sahabat..hahaha..dah bnyk event ku join but still..aku msh sdar smthng wrong..since then I try to learn the true art of bboying..thanks to certain people especially Clinkz..who made me realise..bboying is not only bout moves!Thank God!May god bless him!haha..

Tapi..ku baru sedar,dlm process aku nak blaja nieh..scara spontan..aku dah travel gak dlm Kuching hanya untuk memplajari bboying nieh..ragged!Tp kalo nak blaja bout true knowledge..a lot of bboy advise to go back to original place..Brooklyn..aduhyai!mana ader duit wei!huhuhuhu..tapi..mungkin tu mnjadi target aku..amin!

Tu la sdar tak sedar..sbnrnya travelling yang buat kta bnyk dpt ilmu..bkn stakat mmbaca dan berlatih..tapi msa yg sma..usaha kta nak blaja tu buat kta travel..tak kra la dlm atau luar negeri..hahaha..we never realised what we have done eh?

I do Agree..Travelling is the best way to learn!sbb kta blh tnya bnyk pndpt dr orang n tiap orang ada keunikan dan stail diaowng trsndri..tak kra la dlm bboying ke atau kerja2..kalo der rezeki..aku nak travel jauh2 untuk mndlmi ilmu bboying and hip hop nieh..wuhoooooooooo!frst time aku travel luar kuching is to Miri(10th-12th June) untuk Floor Approval 2011..seriously i cant wait to  meet other bboys!hell yeah!haha

Peace Its Me Trigger!