RoCkin Catz-Ro'Catz!

RoCkin Catz-Ro'Catz!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

It's been 4 years of Breakin/bboyin

Ro'Catz UFC/DBS 

Its been a while tho..4 years?..i feel like a year..I have more to learn..And I still dont have the chance to travel yet for flight ticket!..I really need to learn more about knowledge of hip Hop and Foundation of Bboyin from all over the world and all i can do now only in FB..I prefer f2f cause I can ask more and learn more...Kuching has less battle comp but more to Showcase comp..I cantdo any showcase no more..maybe sometimes but not everytime..=.=..

Trigger was my bboy name before but now is Ro'Catz..Rockin Catz..Throughout the 4 years of Kuch itself..People hates me and I hate some of them too..=.=..I cant understand why but maybe there's something wrg wth me or them..haha..but nevermind..I have the will to learn more frm people and haters wont stop me !

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