RoCkin Catz-Ro'Catz!

RoCkin Catz-Ro'Catz!

Monday, 7 November 2011

B-Boyin Management..(Planning,Organising,Leading and Controlling)

Well..its been a while...lmer dah tak post kat blog nieh..Mybe i'm too busy with other things..but hey..i've come out with new idea

Ok...Aku skang ni blaja kat SATT College...Diploma In Culinary Arts..hahaha bakal chef la bboy nieh!XDbut frm what I learn there,ader satu subject yg blh dkait rapat ngan Bboyin..Whch it is call "Business Management",,MGT1013..Shout out to Sir Mu'min..Thanks for teaching..XD

So from what I've learn..Management is cnsist of "Planning,Organising,Leading and Controlling"..Tp cmne nak apply nie kat Bboyin?So cmnie cternye

"Planning" ni biasanya kta buat time awal2 kita nak bboy..Apa goal kta sbgai bboy..Apa dance style kta nak buat..Mcm mna kta nak jd and blaja bboy?Kta fkir awal apa kta nak buat bla nak buat smua bnda nie..Kalo korang bboy2 tp tkder planning..What will happen in the future?You should plan about it first..Cause if we plan..We know what we want to achieve!

But how bout "Organising"?Well..Kalo kta dah plan..kta msti la buat bnda tu..We find the best way to do things right..We train well,We rest well,and we compete well..We organise our schendule of training..Kalo plan krja tak brjalan..takder gna jangan lupa plak organise hal study!ALL MUST BE BALANCE!ORGANISE WELL!

Leading or Motivation,Salunya..kalo der bboyin nie..Msti la ader crew..Jrg ader bboy solo..and dalam stiap crew..msti ader sorang leader..Leader ni bkn stakat men plih jer..He or she must have the attitude of LEADERSHIP!..bkn LEADERSHIT!..hahaha..Cause he or she will be the one who monitor crew bboy's improvement...Having a crew is almost like building a company..just in a diffrnt way dpnds on crew goals..And each one of bboy must motivates themself and the others around them..Leading ni jgak pnting ntuk mengajar bboy2 baru..crtain bboy tkder sense of leading..dmna diaowg tknak ngaja bboy2 lain..and buat bboy baru rsa down..

Last but not Controlling..We monitor our own and the other's improvement..Whereby by controlling..we know what we're lack of and we know how to find a way to fix it..And kta pun control dri kta spaya tetap bboy semampu yang boleh..bkn stakat nak ambik nama nak jaga scene Hip-Hop(Bboy,Mc,Graffiti and Dj)..kalo boleh..Bboy for Life!

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