RoCkin Catz-Ro'Catz!

RoCkin Catz-Ro'Catz!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Confidence on anythng you do n what you have done!

Skang ku dah tgk bnyk2 vids..and i found out that cnfdnce level is really important during battle!and i have read in (Getting Dyzee) in Fb..said that Battle is battle,your cnfdnce level show who have the best mves and skills..!its gangster style babeh!hahaha

Kalo aku battle org luar pun..msti la gegar gak..haha..but by any mean necessary~u have to keep up ur cnfrdnce lvl high!wlaupun dia dope gler..ko kuarkan jer apa yang ko ada..takyah malu2 kucing..

And during training,Kalo la ko bru blaja ckap.."Jangan try,tp buat!"..sbb try dgn buat ada prbzaan ckit..mcm try nieh..ko msh 50:50..ko dpt or tak dpt buat..kalo buat nieh..ko cnfdnce dgn apa yg ko btul2 nak blaja~

Peace Its Me Trigger!

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